Clean, Healthy and Happy.

Gentle and Caring Holistic Grooming for Every Stage of Your Dog’s Life

Treating your dog with gentle caring respect is a top priority for all groomers at Town Dog. We recognize that being groomed may not be your dog’s favorite activity and that certain things may cause them stress and anxiety. We believe that a bonded trusting relationship with the groomer will help your dog feel safe and secure while setting the tone for a happy, healthy and stylish groom.

Town Dog is a full service, by appointment, grooming salon, open 7 days a week. Your groomer will work with you directly, keeping an open line of communication to provide your dog with the best grooming experience possible. We closely monitor your dog’s overall well-being and inform you of any changes we see such as new growth or changes in the skin, coat, ear, and oral health. Our groomers maintain files to ensure that your dog receives the same individualized care each time they visit.

Town Dog groomers are dedicated to bringing out the best in your dog. Our groomers are all trained in dog behavior, CPR & First Aid and have received their AKC Safety in the Salon certification. In addition to low-stress handling, our modern salon is designed to keep your puppy comfortable with specialty tubs and tables, top of the line equipment and high-quality grooming products.

Town Dog requires a copy of your dog’s current rabies certificate prior to your dog’s appointment.

  • Grooming Salon

    Grooming is by appointment: Town Dog offers appointments 7 days a week. Appointments can be scheduled in person or by phone.

    Pricing: The cost of bath or groom is breed-specific. Prices may vary depending on coat, size, condition, and services performed. Please phone us for an estimate.

    Basic Bath: Includes bath, brush-out, nail trim, and ear cleaning. Anal gland expression is included by request.

    Full Groom: Includes bath, brush-out, nail trim, ear care, sanitary, feet and full body cut with clippers and/or scissors. Anal gland expression is included by request.

    Crate-Free Groom: A start-to-finish groom with no interruptions. Crate-free grooms are schedules at the beginning of the day when few dogs, if any, are in the salon. It is a perfect option for dogs who need to be in and out of the salon as quickly as possible. Only dogs who tolerate hand-held dryers are eligible. This service is an additional $20-$30.

    Puppy’s First Groom: A nurturing and positive introduction to all aspects of grooming.

    • Puppy’s 1st groom, up to 4 months old, $25
    • Puppy grooms, 4-6 months old, $25-$40
  • A la Cart & Add-On Services

    Nail Trim: $10

    Nail Grinding:  $15 (or $5 additional with bath or groom)

    Teeth Brushing:  $10

    Brush & Comb-out: $10-$30

    De-Matting: $10-$30 additional

    Flea Bath: Starts at $15 additional

    De-skunking:  Starts at $20 additional

    Furminator Treatment: Starts at $15 additional