Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you evaluate dogs?

    We strongly believe that there is no such thing as a bad breed or a bad dog, but not every dog is suited for our off-leash play environment. We take our canine guests’ safety very seriously, so each potential guest must complete an evaluation to ensure that they are a good fit.  The evaluation is two part to include both an initial consultation & trial day of daycare.  

  • Do I need a reservation for the initial consultation & trial day?

    Yes, the initial consultation & trial day requires a reservation.  The charge for the consultation & trial day is $35 or $50 for 2 dogs from the same family. To make a reservation, complete a new client profile on our website and you can book the next available appointment.  Do not hesitate to phone us at 978-783-3069 if you have questions or would like assistance. 

  • How long is the consultation & trial day and what should we expect?

    Town Dog consultations are generally scheduled in the morning at 8 am and 9 am.   First we meet with you and your pup for questions and conversation.    For the next step, we move with your dog to an unoccupied play area where we gradually introduce your dog, one at a time, to other puppies in the play group.  You will be able to watch each step of your dog’s introduction on a big screen in the consult room.  This first part of the evaluation takes about an hour of your time. The second part of the evaluation is your dog’s trial day.  If your dog is comfortable following the introduction, we will ask that your dog stay for a half day.  You do not need to be here during this period but we do require that you be available if it is in your dog’s best interest to leave early. Following the evaluation, we share with you what we have learned.  If for some reason your dog is not a good fit for our off-leash play, we will recommend steps that you can take to help address the observed concern(s).   And we welcome your dog back once they are comfortable in the off-leash environment.

  • Do you offer tours?

    We encourage all prospective clients to visit our lobby where they can see all areas of our facility while watching the dogs at play on our TV monitors.  Full site tours are generally limited to Sunday afternoons and evenings, provided we are not fully booked.  

  • Do you use crates?

    Some dogs prefer the security of a crate for a nap or an overnight.  Please let us know if this is your dog’s preference and we will crate your dog at your request for either a nap or overnight.  For all other canine guests, crates are on the floor and available to use throughout the day and night.

  • How do mealtimes work?

    Meals are prepared and served to your specifications.  Dogs are fed individually in a private suite.