Our Story

Promoting the health & well-being of dogs through socialization, exercise and grooming

Our story begins in 2007, with a shy & special needs dog named Bodi who was afraid of people but enjoyed the company of other dogs. Bodi needed care while I was away, but his nervous nature was a challenge for even the most experienced dog walker. After consultation with my veterinarian and several behaviorists, we decided that a dog daycare was the perfect option, providing Bodi with a pack of human and puppy friends.

In searching for the right daycare, I met Christelle who was then the general manager of a cage-free daycare & boarding business. Bodi flourished in this home-away-from-home environment. The routine and socialization helped him to become more confident and less fearful of people.

The success of Bodi and the other dogs in Christelle’s care was our inspiration to open Town Dog, located in the heart of Andover, MA. Our mission is simple: to create a safe, clean and fun environment for your dog while providing you exceptional customer care.

Click around to learn more about us and our services. And don’t hesitate to visit or contact us if you have questions. We are sure you won’t find a better place and better group of people to care for your dog when you are away.

Dorothy Held, Co. Founder

Meet Our Team

  • Dorothy of Town Dog

    Dorothy Held

    Co-Founder & General Manager

    Dorothy is Co-owner and Co-founder of Town Dog. Dorothy oversees our facility to ensure that we provide the highest standard of care. She works closely with the staff and can be found at the reception desk, in the grooming room or in the yard with the dogs. Dorothy is also the team wonk with over 30 years of investment experience in the financial service industry. She is quick to tell you that co-founding Town Dog is the culmination of her interest in small business and her passion for pet care.

  • Christelle Salemme

    Co-Founder & General Manager

    Christelle is Co-owner and Co-founder of Town Dog.  In addition to managing our facility & staff, Christelle is also chief concierge, often greeting you at the front desk and your “go to” person for any questions or concerns.  She performs client consultations and evaluates new dogs to make sure they are a good fit for our cage-free environment.

    Prior to co-founding Town Dog, Christelle was the general manager of a cage-free dog daycare & boarding business in Reading, MA.  For 10 years, she oversaw all areas of operations including staffing, payroll, and facility maintenance to ensure that all dogs enjoyed a safe and healthy experience.  Christelle is recognized by her clients for her dedication to the safety and well-being of the dogs in her care.

  • Dannielle of Town Dog

    Dannielle Gagnon

    Senior Groomer & Salon Director

    Dannielle is Groomer (extraordinaire) and Salon Director at Town Dog.  With nearly two decades of experience as a professional groomer, Dannielle’s compassionate handling skills foster a stress-free experience for a happy, healthy and stylish groom.  Dannielle is known for her technical expertise, artistry and the strong connections she develops with both her clients and their dogs.  Dannielle is also a certified Pet Tech CPR Instructor and provides CPR training for all of our staff.

    Prior to joining Town Dog, Danielle was Director and Instructor of Student Training at Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Academy for Professional Pet Groomers in Manchester, NH. There she oversaw a comprehensive curriculum that included extensive training in a real-world grooming environment.  Dannielle’s emphasis on safety, handling, and client communications instilled confidence in her students and the dogs under their care.

Our Facility

Every inch of Town Dog was thoughtfully designed to provide your dog with the best possible experience. Indoor & outdoor play space of 5,000 SF is outfitted with finishes to promote safety and cleanliness including non-slip epoxy floors, modern HVAC, and anti-microbial K9 turf. Our modern grooming salon is designed to reduce stress and support your dog’s well-being with elevating tubs & tables, top-of-the-line grooming equipment and high-quality natural bathing products. We also know that our services are only as good as our people. Our facility is staffed with dog-loving pack leaders and experienced groomers who are trained in dog behavior, CPR & first aid, and dedicated to bringing out the best in your dog. Whether frolicking by day or snoozing by night, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe, comfortable and happy at Town Dog!

Town Dog Architectural Plans
Town Dog Architectural Plans
Town Dog Architectural Plans